Multi-Entity fields for Formatting Rules

At our facility, we have created a new field 'Priority' for Notes. We would like to add a formatting rule on Shots and Assets so that any shots or assets that have open, high priority notes will be highlighted in red.

However, formatting rules do not currently support multi-entity fields for query (this despite multi-enitity fields being available for query in page filters).

Allegedly, this was done for performance concenrns - "Querying multiple entities, across multiple rules, for every record on a page, will likely increase page load-times." However as an administrator of shotgun it would be better to have a full tool-set available and then be able to make the decision about the performance hit being worth the increased functionality, rather than being somewhat arbitrarily limited.

In this specific case, we are requesting the ability to allow formatting rules to query multi-entity fields.

In a more general sense, queries should be consistent in all contexts, allowing requests from production to be handled more effectively