rvio -overlay for each source layer.

Is it possible to specify a separate -overlay command for each input layer...

This command does not seem to work...

rvio.exe -v -outsrgb [ "TestA/" ] -overlay frameburn .4 1.0 30.0 "shot 001" [ "TestB/" ] -overlay frameburn .4 1.0 30.0 "shot 002"  -o "C:/rvtest/RVTest.mov"


The frameburn has been modified to accept a custom string so that each shot can have the shot number written next to the frame number.

What would be the correct way of doing that?


Best wishes... Jakob



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    Jon Morley

    Hi Jakob,

    The RVIO mu overlay scripts are not per source I am afraid. At the time of the frame burning you do not have access to the original source material either. You only have the command line arguments and the frame number being processed. That means you would have to implement something that given a frame number could tell you the shot name you wanted to add. Totally possible but not easily handed in on the command line.