config error in shotgun filemanager in houdini

wondering if anyone can help with this:


we've done some custom configuration for houdini and I've evidently broken something, but for the life me I can't see what

essentially whenever anyone opens up the file manager from within houdini they get this message:


"Shotgun File Manager has not been configured for the environment being used by the selected Work Area!

Please choose a different Work Area to continue."


this should not be the case (ie the shot/task context etc is being set correctly and all the other apps work fine - the left hand panel in the file manager is finding the correct project, entity and task)

I'm also pretty sure the env config is correct as well - here is the relevant part under houdini/apps in shot_step.yml:


  allow_task_creation: true
  file_extensions: []
  hook_copy_file: default
  hook_filter_publishes: default
  hook_filter_work_files: default
  hook_scene_operation: default
  launch_at_startup: false
  launch_change_work_area_at_startup: false
  location: {name: tk-multi-workfiles, type: app_store, version: v0.6.1}
  saveas_default_name: scene
  saveas_prefer_version_up: false
  sg_entity_type_extra_display_fields: {}
  sg_entity_type_filters: {}
  sg_entity_types: [Shot, Asset]
  sg_task_filters: []
  task_extra_display_fields: []
  template_publish: houdini_shot_publish
  template_publish_area: shot_publish_area_houdini
  template_work: houdini_shot_work
  template_work_area: shot_work_area_houdini


the template config is also setup correctly (if I click the arrow on upper left of the file manager to show the extra configuration information everything looks correct and its clearly resolving all the template paths correctly there at least)

the issue ONLY seems to occur with the file manager (we're still using the initial tk-multiworkfiles app, not the more recent 2nd gen, version is 0.61) - all the other apps seem to behave fine (publish, snapshot, loader, etc)


I'm kinda stumped with this, any help appreciated...