How to connect an attachment to a Version (as Uploaded Movie)?

Doing a little heads up to another thread:



In my script i do a 

result = sg.upload("version",version_id,quicktime, 'sg_uploaded_movie')

but i get a error saying: "Column sg_uploaded_movie isn't a valid entity column for version"

However the Column sg_uploaded_movie obviously does exsist.. so im wondering if this is a bug in the latest API version or?


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    Matt Welker

    Hi Mads,

    Sorry for the confusion, I think the error message might be a little misleading. The issue is with "version". The entity name needs to be capitalized in the upload function call (you'll find that to be consistent across the API):

    result = sg.upload("Version",version_id,quicktime, 'sg_uploaded_movie')

    Give that a try and let me know if you have any problems.