How to set Sequence when creating a Shot and how to set custom fields?

Hey there,

we are currently on eval so i am pretty new to shotgun as well as the API. I managed to pipe shots from our existing solution into Shotgun for testing but failed to add advanced data.

For one i managed to create sequences just fine but did not find a way to set them propery in the newly created shots. How would i set that in the data dict?

On a similar note i created quite a lot of custom fields to  populate with data and also did not find out how to set these.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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P.S. is there a list of all existing/default fields that i can use? Or a command to list all existing?


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    Thorsten Kaufmann

    Nevermind. Had to prefix with sg_ in both cases. What is the logic behind direct access (like project, description, task_template) and the ones that need sg_ prefixed?