Filtering in rv submit package

Right now the task an artist chooses from in the submit package in rv is every single task they've ever worked on for every non-archived project.  The immediate reaction from almost everyone here was "ugh", since that makes for a massive list, and most of them simply don't use the(very nice) feature at all.  For example, right now we're starting season 2 of a show, we want the links to last season to be trivially available for the artists in case they need to source an asset from there(I realize the hard URLs still work, but we want them to work fully from the normal interface).  Even aside from this particular example, the list is very large and involves a lot of scrubbing to find your shot.

An ability to filter that list and make it sticky in the submit package for the artist, similar to shotgun, would be awesome.  For example, right out of the gate filtering tasks that are only in progress basically solves almost all our problems.