Filter the people suggested when assigning a task

We think it could be useful to restrict the names that Shotgun offers when you are typing a name to assign a task. It could be an option. There could be some previous "match" between departments or groups and pipeline steps. And a "more" option to offer more names in case you don't find the desired one. So, if I am assigning an animation task, I would like to find the animators, and not the rest of the team with similar names.

This could be also exported to other entities. A similar case would be if I am working on the shots in a Sequence, and I have previously typed all the Assets included in that Sequence. When I start typing in each Shot's Asset field, I don't need all the production Assets to be suggested. Just the Assets in that Sequence. Imagine if it is a TV series...

I guess that those two would follow different development paths, but they share something.

Thanks a lot