A Way to See All the Ways a Specific Field is Being Used Across Shotgun

It would be great to have a way to see all the ways a specific field in being used across our site. For example, where the field is exposed on pages, where it is present in filters/queries, and where it is used for conditional formatting.

A benefit of having this option is being able to know everything that would be affected if we were to edit, change, or remove a specific field. In a recent update we made to our site, we replaced our Episode multi-entity field with a single entity one. In order to do this, we first had to completely delete the old Episode field. It would have been helpful to see a list of what would be affected in our site by deleting this field (filters, links to other fields, pages simply displaying the field) rather than going through all our projects, pages, and filters to make sure we caught everything. And that way we could have applied those updates to our new Episode field without the extra search.

Another benefit would be when cleaning up a site. Being able to see which fields are not being utilized at all, rather than having to go through all projects to verify the field is clear to remove altogether.

Thank you!