More granular control of workday rules to prevent accidental changes to default calendar

We've heard from some studios that they'd like to have more granular control over which permission groups can edit specific work schedules, to prevent the accidental editing of the global schedule. For example, the 'manager' permission role could be set to only allow editing of workday exceptions to the 'People' and 'Project' schedules and not the Default (studio) Calendar.

Currently, the permissions are included under one permission rule (Advanced > Edit default and project work schedules) 

Another way to stop accidental changes to the workday rule, would be to prevent the default calendar from being accessed via a tasks page (calendars can be adjusted by right-clicking and selecting 'Edit Work Schedule') - we could separate out the default calendar from this menu so it's only accessible via a dedicated button on the admin menu.

Add your 'Me Too' vote if this is something that you'd find useful, and would like to see developed. 



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    Jennifer Brola

    Accidental studio-wide work schedule exceptions can get very messy, very fast.  If a permissions update is more long-term,  maybe the interfaces for both (personal exceptions and studio-wide exceptions) could be updated to look measurably different and/or be accessed from different areas?