Compare Versions in Screening Room web-app

We've heard from clients that they'd like to compare multiple Versions in the Screening Room web-app , similar to the 'Compare Selected' option in Screening Room for RV.

Please add your support to this request if you'd like to see this feature developed.


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    Alexey Borzykh

    if we here to discuss features of web screening room festures then here is another one: zoom in/out/fit features, similar to RV. It would help to check and comment large concept images artest's mostly provide for review

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    Stu Aitken

    I'd love to see this

    In light of the recent announcements on improvements to screening room, another feature we'd love to see is visual annotations playing back within screening room - at the moment SG just saves a still and attached this to a note which is great, but we feel that if these annotations could be played back against the video later (with relevant notes being highlighted maybe?) that would be super awesome

    audio notes would also be great (eg an artist could play back a review session later and hear the directors or sups audio commentary on what they want changed)

    in general maybe thinking more about how notes and comments are consumed by people working on stuff later as much as the actual experience of making the notes in the first place