Make "project" accessible to URL tokens in non detail pages

We've had a suggestion to make the current project entity accessible to URL tokens in URL pages and widgets when in a non detail project page.

One use case would be to build a URL using a field on the current Project like this:

/path/to/html/file_ {project.Project.id}.html

Let us know if this is something that would be beneficial for how you work.


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    Tony Barbieri

    That's interesting it works for you.  When I try the same thing in a custom URL page:


    It will not hit our server.  If press Preview it just looks like it's thinking but never executes.

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    Tony Barbieri

    Hi Tony,

    I believe the existence of that field depends on when the clients were setup with their site.  Our field is listed as sg_code (which we use for our unique project codes) but we also have Project.name which we use for human readable names that are not guaranteed unique. 


    Are you running the latest Shotgun release?  It may be a feature that existed but has since been removed.  I did open a ticket and Matt confirmed without being in a detail page, project is not available in the context.  The only Entity I can get access to while in a Project page but not in a detail page is the currently logged in HumanUser entity.