Option to add additional thumbnail fields

We've heard feedback from clients that they'd like to add additional thumbnail fields to an Entity. For example, one thumbnail to show the original plate for the Shot, and one to show the thumbnail for the latest in progress.

Please add your support to this feature request if you would like to see this implemented.


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    Kody Sabourin

    This is majorly needed!  When you start a project the first thing you do is populate shotgun, filling out the tracker with text and the images that represent what you are making, wether it is concept art, storyboards or reference images.  Currently those images are erased by new submissions, which means you now need to rely on text to navigate the tracker.  It would be so much easier and faster if what you are tracking was catalogued by reference images of "where you want to be" and the column next as the standard updating thumbnail that shows "where you are at", as you would truly have image based tracking, not have to rely on reading the text which would speed up communication and overall productivity.