Separate Sort and Group controls on Master/Detail View

We've received feedback that the combined sorting & grouping functionality on Master/Detail view (using the "Sort" menu) is not granular enough, and that it would be better to have separate Sort & Group settings like the List View does. This would also allow you to apply a sort without any grouping, which could be useful in some cases. What do you think?

On a side note - a workaround for sorting and grouping on different fields is to use Advanced Sorting on these types of pages. The first sort field will drive the grouping, and then the items within each group will be sorted by the second sort field you select.


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    Armando Ricalde

    Hi Tommy,

    Using advanced sorting works really well, but you don't have it available on My Tasks, it would be great to have it there too.


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    This is an old thread, but Astrid mentioned that I should comment on this.

    We're looking to modify our sequence detailed view page, such that instead of just listing sequences on the left, that each sequence would have shots listed underneath it, in a collapsible fashion. Clicking on either sequence or a shot should show information pertaining to that seq/shot on the right.