Find and Replace String

There doesn't seem to be an efficient way to change task name strings in bulk. For instance, if I have 50 different tasks that contain the string 'Joe' (model_Joe, texture_Joe, Joe_anim010, etc) and I need to change 'Joe' to 'Henry', I would need to query the tasks that contain 'Joe', export to Excel, find and replace the string, then re-import everything back to Shotgun.   I think having the ability to do this directly in Shotgun would be very beneficial, especially for instances that involve modifying more than just a few task names.  It could be as simple as selecting the tasks, right-clicking and selecting a 'Find and Replace String' option in the menu and entering the current and new strings (similar to how Excel handles this function).


I'm curious if other people would find this to be helpful and/or have thoughts on this type of functionality?


- Shay


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    Ben Hadden


    Thanks for posting!  I've started the feature request, but I'm interested from others how they would use this feature.  Would it be as simple as selecting many records and right-clicking to select "Find and Replace..." on a given Field?  Shay mentioned replacing text in Task Names, but what other fields do people notice themselves exporting to Excel, editing, and then importing back into Shotgun?

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    Holger Hummel | Celluloid VFX

    i'd also like to see this feature implemented. to start with, i'd be extremely happy having this functionality the same way as with the right-click function to fill a field on several records with the same value ('edit <fieldname> on selected...'). hard to tell which fields i would use it with. but as soon as the functionality's there, probably on more or less any ;)
    really depends a lot on the project and task that needs to be done. if doable, i'd vote for making it available on any field where it can be done. as we're having our own custom fields on some projects (depending on the project even different ones) it would be a pity not to have this option there if you guys would think of implementing it just for certain fields.

    to sum it up: my vote for having this - and if possible for every field.