Improved Import Options

- Return to first step

Sometimes I need to go back and change a data type but then I have to start over from scratch since there is no "back" to change field types.

- Ignore Error-ed entries

If I have 100 entries and 2 of them are corrupt I can't just tell shotgun to ignore them and import the other 98 (maybe with a log export of the failed entries to manually enter.

- Import shots from tasks

If I have a list of 100 tasks some of them might be for shots which don't exist.   There should be an option to create the shots when importing tasks (and ignore duplicates at the same time)


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    Ben Hadden

    Hi Gavin-

    Thanks for the feedback!  The good news is that at least two of these you can do now:

    <<Return to first step>>

    Each step is selectable and so you can go back to "Map Fields" to edit data types:


    <<Import shots from tasks>>

    Since we beefed up our autocomplete entity fields to allow for creating new entities from within those fields, you can can now do this.  You'll just need to select an errored cell, clear its contents and start typing the Shot name, then choose the option to create the Shot if it doesn't exist.  This should fix the other Tasks as well, so let me know if it doesn't:


    <<Ignore Error-ed entries>>

    We almost support this (you can clear the contents of errored cells and Shotgun will basically import no data.  That's not ideal, however, when creating things and you want to see what didn't succeed.  Can you tell me a bit more how you'd want this to work?  Would you want to complete ignore that entity but report it on the page (as something like "did not edit")?  Hearing your thoughts will help clarify the feature request.