Creating new pages directly under folders

Some of our newer users are finding the workflow of creating Official Project Pages a bit unintuitive. At present it works like this:
1. Create a blank "My Page" using the "+" button in the bottom left
2. Set up the page how you want it
3. Choose "Save Page As..." and specify a folder and make it an official page

How they were expecting it to work is like this:
1. Right click on an existing folder
2. Find some kind of menu option like "Create new page here..." which would open up a sub-menu offering the various page types
3. Set up the page how you want it and then just "Save Page"


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    Isaac Reuben

    Yup, this is another one we've got a ticket for (having a dialog come up for making a new page, instead of just having it pop into your My Pages area), though we hadn't thought of right clicking on the existing folders.  I've added that!

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    Rob Blau

    Another nice to have in a context menu that would pop up if you right click on a folder would be to rename the folder.  The current way of having to edit settings on all the contained pages is less than ideal.