Ability to dock the filter popup

A bit of feedback on 1.7: I know you probably put countless man hours into it and are very proud of the new interface for filters, so that they now live in a popup window rather than being part of the page, but it's not a universal win from our point of view. It often seems to obscure the column data you're looking at, and whilst you can move it around, it'd be nice if there was a way to "dock" it in the original position so that it pushes the data out of the way like it used to. Sorry if we're being boring old farts - you can boo out loud for a few minutes if it makes you feel better?


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    Stephen Chiu

    Andy, we're doing some house cleaning here on the Feature Requests forum. We now do support Filter Panel docking:



    Notice the "dock" icon which will embed the Filter Panel on the righthand side of the page. Once docked, any page you visit in Shotgun will show the Filter Panel docked until you choose to close it. This is a per-user setting, which means if you choose to dock the filter panel, others don't have to see it on their view of the Page.