Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Allow uploading an icon for ActionMenuItems Matt Welker 4 comments 18 votes None
Option to add additional thumbnail fields Astrid Scholte 1 comment 18 votes None
Feature request page should be searchable! Julia S. Bacak 3 comments 17 votes None
Shotgun Review for Android Brandon Foster 9 comments 17 votes Not planned
Filter out individual Tasks from Pipeline Step columns Tommy 9 comments 17 votes None
Add Versions to Playlists on other projects (Global Playlists) Brandon Foster 10 comments 17 votes None
Drop down list for link fields to small entities Patrick Wolf 2 comments 17 votes None
Conditional Formatting on Master/Detail view (and Inbox, My Tasks) Tommy 5 comments 17 votes None
Add Freeze Panes in List View Mode Marc Dubrois 4 comments 17 votes None
JSON data type for fields Mark Visser 8 comments 16 votes None
Copy View to another page Sarah Cortina 3 comments 16 votes None
Configure Query Thumbnail to include if/or statements Astrid Scholte 4 comments 16 votes None
Pre-populate URL field for RV authentication Brandon Foster 7 comments 16 votes Completed
Multi-Select Field Type Astrid Scholte 10 comments 16 votes None
Client site, download entire playlist option Kym Watts 6 comments 16 votes None
Ability to save the Detail Pane layout in Screening Room/Overlay Player Astrid Scholte 11 comments 16 votes None
More types of charts and graphs Tommy 5 comments 15 votes None
Add concept of 'Roles' to Shotgun and integrate into per-project permissions, media access, scheduling, etc. Tommy 4 comments 15 votes None
Smart Playlists in the Media App Brandon Foster 7 comments 15 votes None
Ability to customise fields on Notes detail page Judith Pope 12 comments 15 votes Completed
Scheduling: Percentage assignment Andy Geers 10 comments 15 votes None
Way to Save Views to another page Tommy 4 comments 14 votes None
Latest checkbox on other Entities Astrid Scholte 4 comments 14 votes None
Latest Published File Filter Checkbox Option (similar to Latest Version Filter Checkbox) Shayna Duguid 1 comment 14 votes None
Support for File/Link fields in the importer Tommy 2 comments 14 votes None
Client Review Site - Related Notes Brandon Foster 0 comments 14 votes None
Groups in Client Review Lawren Bancroft-Wilson 4 comments 14 votes Completed
support for AUDIO files ? Alexey Borzykh 4 comments 14 votes None
Follow an entire Project Astrid Scholte 1 comment 14 votes None
Support for managing Workday Rule Exceptions per Location Mason 6 comments 14 votes None