Houdini - Expose vm_tmpsharedstorage attribute and add path control for this attribute inside templates.yml


I have a multi root system and I'm on multiple platforms. The description below is based on a Windows workstation:

X: drive = root_name: 'primary' -> where scene data goes
Y: drive = root_name: 'renders' -> where elements, image seqs, caches, bgeos, etc... go

The Y: drive is basically disposable data that isn't needed when it comes to archiving a project.

Upon render time, my *.bgeo files are currently being saved in the [ $HIP/ifds/storage ] location which equates to these files being saved on my [X:] drive and I'm wanting them to be saved on my [Y:] drive where my [ houdini_shot_ifd ] files are being saved.

The [sg_mantra_out] node was built on top of the normal Houdini Mantra node but the [vm_tmpsharedstorage] attribute is not added to the parameters for this node, so there's no way to change the path even if it's done via python or cmd's.

Would be ideal to have an extra definition [ houdini_shot_ifd_storage ] or automatically have the storage folder location inherit where IFD's are being saved.

# Additional mantra outputs
definition: '@shot_root/work/ifds/[{name}]/{houdini.node}/v{version}/{Project_Short_Name}_{Episode}_{Sequence}_{Shot}_{Step}[_{name}]_v{version}.{SEQ}.ifd'
root_name: 'renders'

# Additional mantra outputs
definition: '@shot_root/work/ifds/storage/[{name}]/{houdini.node}/v{version}/{Project_Short_Name}_{Episode}_{Sequence}_{Shot}_{Step}[_{name}]_v{version}.{SEQ}.ifd'
root_name: 'renders'





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