Expose more Color adjustment values in the UI

Hi Shotgun Support.


It would be nice to expose more values in the status bar (bottom of the window) or the ribbon (under the menu bar) so that they're always visible. This is particularly true for values that you can't see just by pulling down the menus. In those cases, it's impossible to tell what those values are except by trying to set them. Examples include:

  • matte opacity (especially if it's a custom value)
  • exposure (expecially if it's a custom value)
  • gamma (especially if it's a custom value)
  • Saturation




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    Jon Morley

    Hi Dugan,

    Matte opacity doesn't currently have any display like that however Tools -> "Source Details" brings up a floating widget that should show any non default values for the exposure, gamma, and saturation. Have you tried using that?


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