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Hi there!

I'm creating a RV package with a python script that opens up a PySide widget which is a bit slow when it is opening, is there any way to set a message while
the script is loading? The RV's main window seems to be frozen when the widgets is loading and this is a little annoying because the displayFeedback or a simple print does not appear on screen until the widget is completely loaded.

I was looking through the forum but I couldn't find an answer so I'm sorry if I duplicate the question.

Thank you in advance!



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    Jon Morley

    Hi Raul,

    Would it be possible to call displayFeedback before you start to open your widget?

    Alternatively can you open you widget quickly and then put off the slow update?

    I don't know enough about your widget or what it does, but if it takes a long time to assemble it would probably be best to have some kind of progress indicator mode for the widget itself. Then you can draw the first and ultimately display the final updated pane at the end. Please tell me more about what the widget is for and what it is doing.


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    Raul Catalina

    Hi Jon,

    Yes, it is possible to call displayFeedback before start the widget, but the problem is that the message cannot be shown until the widget is fully loaded. I'm also trying to add a PySide QSplashScreen but it doesn't appear, this is the code I used for:

        splash_pix = QtGui.QPixmap(<PATH_TO_THE_SPLASH_SCREEN_IMAGE>)

        splash_widget = QtGui.QSplashScreen(splash_pix, QtCore.Qt.WindowStaysOnTopHint)

        my_widget = MyWidget()


    The widget itself takes about 1-2 seconds in showing because has to instantiate some classes at start, maybe the best solution is to move some part of the code into another place and load it on demand as you pointed but even doing so the RV seems to be frozen when you click the menu option until the widget is displayed.


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