Problem with environment variable "RV_APP_PYINIT" and "RV_APP_INIT"

Hi !

   We want to customize the files rvrc.mu and rvrc.py.

When we do it on files located in the native directory (  ~/rv-Linux-x86-64-4.2.4/scripts/rv/rvrc.py  AND ~/rv-Linux-x86-64-4.2.4/scripts/rv/rvrc.mu ) , everything works fine.

however, when we move those files to our code repository, nothing works.

Of course, we changed both environment variable "RV_APP_PYINIT" and "RV_APP_INIT", and when we use the  "Help -> Show Environment", button in RV

both environs were as expected.

Is the seomething we are doing wrong?

We are using rv 4.2.4.
We have the same problem on both linux (centos 6.6) and windows 7.

Thanks for your help !


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Jimmy,

    Can you please elaborate on why you want to customize those files? The ones that are included with RV are meant to be left alone, but you can add one to your home directory if you name it ".rvrc.py" or ".rvrc.mu". What are you trying to accomplish by modifying and moving those files? Perhaps there is a better approach.


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    Jimmy Caron

     Hi Jon,

    What we want to do is to modify a native RV menu shortcut and also add some other shortcuts to actions not in the menu by default

    We have a deploy mechanism to push our code to all the softwares we use here. But we don't want to push code inside each user's home folder. So that's why we want to redirect RV to our production repository

    I tested the .rvrc.py file but I don't know where I need to put it if the home folder is not a solution

    Thanks for you help.  

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