How to clear previously loaded package?

I'm attempting to learn how to develop some UI widgets in python and I've been placing the test packages (on Windows) in: ~/AppData/Roaming/RV/Packages

this has been working fine except that I notice even after I unload/uninstall my test packages and clear that directory out, and my packages are no longer listed in the packages list within the Preferences, their functionality still exists when I load RV.

Where is it coming from?  How do I get rid of it?


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    Jon Morley


    In general it is best to do all package management either through the rvpkg command line tool:


    Or through the "Add Package..."/"Remove Package..." buttons on the Packages tab of RV's preferences. It is not a good idea to attempt to manage the files in those folders yourself.

    It sounds like you partially removed pieces of your package manually. I cannot be certain, but you probably should check the accompanying Python directory next to Packages (as well as potentially the "Support Files" and "Mu") for files left behind.


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    Ah.  Indeed, there were files in the ~/AppData/Roaming/RV/Python directory as well as ~/AppData/Roaming/RV/Mu

    removing these fixed my problem.

    Will definitely have to learn the rvpkg tool for prototyping.  Thanks

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    Jon Morley

    Glad that helped!

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