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We've just had a look at setting up the tollkit on Deliveries. Maybe we've gone about this is a rather round about way but it didn't seem to be as easy to set up as other entities. We obviously had to change the pick_environment hook to include deliveries but also had to include it in the SHOTGUN_ENTITY_TYPES of the tank_cmd.py. As well as this we've had to play around with the folder_types.py to ensure deliveries were catered for with name field set to "title".


Maybe  we've gone about this in a strange way but it would be great if this was catered for by default.


Thanks a lot


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    That's great that you have setup Tookit to work with Deliveries! Would you be willing to share a little more about your Deliveries workflow and how Toolkit is working with them? I think others would love to read about it, and we would too. :)

    There are a handful of entity types within Shotgun that have some "non-standard" field names. For example, most entities use the code field as their primary name, however Tasks use content, Tickets and Deliveries use title (as you've discovered). In the case of Notes, Tickets, and Deliveries, these are what we call "threaded entities" meaning their purpose is designed more around conversation with an initial message and replies to that message. In that case, it's not entirely ridiculous that they use some slightly different nomenclature for their "standard" field names (a Ticket doesn't really have a "code", but it does have a "title").

    All of that said, there's admittedly some inconsistency. Notes use subject, while Tickets and Deliveries use title (we could have done better there and with Tasks IMO), but the point is that there are some inconsistencies, and this is primarily why setting up Deliveries was likely a little more tricky than other "more standard" entity types.

    We should have some docs on how to go through this process so it's easier for people in the future! Perhaps if you share your workflow, I can put together some basics documentation based on it. Thanks for sharing this.



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