what would be the best scene/props grouping solution?

Hi friends!We're newbies in the 3d/Maya buisness and would like to ask you for an advice about the scene organization.

Say we have a room and some props in the room. Some are animated and some are not.

Looks like we need a certain way to group and organize assets, probably via references (ie table grouped with a pen and a notebook lying on the table) and then a certain master reference asset for the whole room and then reference the whole room into the shots, so we have certain control on whether we're adjusting something only within the shot according to the current camera or on the level down in the master room scene, or even further down at the table grouping and so on.

So, the question is what would you suggest as a pipeline for this probably simple situation, what is your experience about referencing scenes in that way and using proxies.

An additional question is about the cameras - can you deal with this as a separate entity and version it ans reference versions?

sorry if it is an obvious things we're coming from the real movies world to the virtual things ))

thank you for any wise advice!




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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Andriy.

    One approach you might try is to keep things relatively simple and have both the room and the props within the room as Assets in Shotgun.  Artists could then create all of the individual props and publish them.  Then, a Layout Artist could bring things together into the room Asset, creating references in Maya, and then publishing the totality of the room (and all of its references) there.

    If it helps, I did a mockup a while back for the Maya product team with their new(ish) scene assembly feature.  They had some questions about how this feature could map into Shotgun, so I drew up the attached diagram.  The diagram itself needs an update because I made it without full knowledge of the scene assembly feature set and got a few details wrong, but it could help you to see the flow because it's very close to the case you brought up (here it's a beach with some plants on it, but still).  You may not be interested in the Maya scene assembly feature either, but even so, the setup on the Shotgun side could be a good example?

    Anyhow, look it over and see if it clarifies anything.  Then, we can keep the discussion going here as needed.


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