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Hi there !

I wanted to use abstract_paths_from_template() method and I notice that the API documentation isn't updated :(

Indeed when I filled the skip_keys parameter, my function rejected it... I had a quick look at the apy.py file and I have seen that the function took only two arguments now... How can I do to get all the existing versions of a template which used abstract field(s) ? For the moment I used paths_from_template() with skip_keys=[ 'version' , 'SEQ' ]  but I don't know if it is the right method. For me the best way to do that will be to use skip_keys=[ 'version' ] with abstract_paths_from_template() method...

Cheers !


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    Alan Dann

    Hi Barbara,

    It actually looks like we never implemented the skip_keys parameter for abstract_paths_from_template() and the documentation has always been wrong!

    I'll discuss with the rest of the team to see how feasible it would be to add it and get back to you but for now, your workaround is the best approach.



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