How do I choose which config to use for a project?

Where can i change which config to use as default when doing a "tank setup_project"?


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    Manne Öhrström

    Great question!

    When you run the command for setting up a new project with Toolkit (tank setup_project), it will prompt you and ask which configuration to use. It looks something like this:

    Welcome to the Shotgun pipeline toolkit!
    For documentation, see https://toolkit.shotgunsoftware.com/forums
    Starting the Sgtk for your current directory '/Users/manne'
    - Running setup_project...
    Welcome to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Project Setup!
    Which configuration would you like to associate with this project?
    You can use the configuration from an existing project as a template for this
    new project. All settings, apps and folder configuration settings will be
    copied over to your new project. The following configurations were found:
       Big Buck Bunny: '/mnt/software/shotgun/big_buck_bunny/config'
       Vampires in the attic: '/mnt/software/shotgun/vampires/config'
       The nasty dude: '/mnt/software/shotgun/the_nasty_dude/config'
       Bold Crane: '/mnt/software/shotgun/new_bold_crane/config'
       ... [more entries here] ...
    Chasing the Light: '/mnt/software/tank/chasing/config' If you want to use any of the configs listed about for your new project, just type in its path when prompted below. You can use the Default Configuration for your new project. The default configuration is a good sample config, demonstrating a typical basic setup of the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit using the latest apps and engines. This will be used by default if you just hit enter below. If you have a configuration stored somewhere on disk, you can just enter the path to this config it will be used for the new project. [tk-config-default]:


    This basically leaves you with a couple of options:

    • If you are new to toolkit and just want to base your config on our default VFX template config, hit enter to accept the default suggestion tk-config-default. The latest version of the template config will be downloaded from the toolkit app store and you will get a fresh install. This is similar to using the template project in Shotgun for a new project.
    • If you have fine tuned a project that you are currently running or have recently finished, and you want to pass the tank setup on from that project to your new project, you can type in one of the suggested paths above. For example, type in  /mnt/software/tank/chasing/config if you want to take a copy of the configuration currently used by the Chasing the Light project. This approach means that your pipeline is constantly evolving - you don't start over each time you create a new project, but instead, all the tweaks and improvements that happened during a previous project will be taken advantage of in the next project.
    • If you have built the perfect studio config template and want to use this on all your new projects, simply type in the path to this configuration, wherever it resides on disk, and toolkit will copy this across into the new project. This workflow can be a good choice if you are doing lots of smaller projects (like commercials) and want to make sure that they all start out from the same studio setup. If you manage a studio config like this, you could also for example source control it in git, and over time, as you make changes to it, you preserve the history of your studio config.

    In all the above cases, we recommend that you run the updates command after project setup, to ensure that you are using the latest versions of all the apps and engines!


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    Fredrik Brännbacka

    Cool. But what if i would like my custom config to be the default choice, like:


    If you have a configuration stored somewhere on disk, you can just enter the path to this config it will be used for the new project. [tk-custom-config]:




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    Manne Öhrström

    That's not currently supported, but sounds like a very useful feature! I have added a feature request to our backlog.

    We recently added a hook to allow clients to customize how the default project name is generated  - there are some docs explaining how to do that here: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/95442818 . Sounds like we could add something similar for the default suggested config.

    Another thing that is on our roadmap is to provide a more raw API interface for project setup and pipeline configuration cloning and management, so that studios could write their own wrappers around these processes rather than having to use the tank shell. Do you think that would work for you? 

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    Andreas Jablonka

    i managed to break my config association:

    Starting toolkit for path '/Volumes/vfx_server/pipeline/shotgun/interchange'

    - The path is not associated with any Shotgun object.

    - Falling back on default project settings.


    I tried to rerun the setup with --force but it still won't re-asscioate the configuration on disk with the shotgun project. I cannot copy a config onto itself it seems. Is the only option to make a new project and use this current config as template? this would mean starting over no?


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