Ability to simultaneously use Task Templates while importing bid days/duration

Hi gang ~

We were studying up on a way to use some really-well defined task templates AND import bid days (and duration) at the same time, but ran into a bit of a wall (even after using your handy "how-to" documentation):

Right now, it's at least a three-step process whereby you have to:

(1) create shots

(2) link desired task template

(3) setup the import bid info

(4) import

--the order is critical if you want to leverage any of the detailed info a person may have spent time filling into the task templates (eg dependencies, sort order, or the pre-assigning of tasks).


The awesome "shotgun cloud 9" dream is to combine steps 2 thru 4 into one single step whereby the existing importing process would leverage & allow for us (at the shot entity) to:

(a) identify an existing Task Template

(b) include that info within the import doc

(c) make those tasks first for as many shots as that field has a template identified

(d) then fill in the individual bid info (into both the Bid field as well as the Duration field)

(e) for double extra bonus points, possibly delete any tasks that don't have bid info included from that single-import series

(this last one is up for debate as can could group and delete those just as easily, perhaps)

What does everyone else think?


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    Hey Heather - thanks for the feature request! Just to clarify - steps 1 and 2 can be combined currently, as you can define a Task Template for each Shot in the import where you create them, by populating the Task Template field for each Shot in the spreadsheet. But as you point out, updating bid info on the Tasks for each of those Shots can only be done in a subsequent import currently, since the Tasks are created from the Task Template during the processing of the Shot creation.

    It would be really cool if we could figure out a way to allow you to edit the Tasks that are created from the Task Template during the same import process where you are creating the Shots. If you have all that bid data ready to go when you make your Shots, it's a bummer to have to import twice.

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    Cat Counsell

    I agree - not having to import twice would be great!

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