Option to limit the projects in the Layout Template field

I've been asked a few times now if there's a way to limit the projects that are available in the Layout Template field of the New Project advanced form. I know that a lot of facilities like to have the ability to choose from any of the projects they have active in the system because pipelines and configurations are constantly evolving...and have that latitude is great. I'm wondering if there's a way to "filter" those options? Maybe my Project Type or through the creation of a "template" checkbox field that allows the system to identify only the Projects that the facility has deemed appropriate for continued use as a layout template? At the film-centric vfx facilities I've been at, this may be moot as the projects/year ratio isn't as high as (say) it is in commercials/interactive/print (depending on what your facilities core business is).

At the time of this request, we have 57 active projects in Shotgun...so, the Layout Template list is kind of a bear and has a lot of potential for error. Wondering if anyone's figured out a way to cut this down...or if enough people might be interested in this to get it added to the "Planned" list? ;)



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    Heather Dinkins

    a filter or preference setting function would be awesome. 

    we have specific projects we've made for Features and Commercials Templates and have them listed as Type "studio".  anytime we finish a show that has made significant improvements on their layout needs, we push it to the desired template.   If we then had the option to control only showing those or others we have approved on the Layout Template function, this would really cut down on the noise.

    yes, please!

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