Restrict Client Users by Project

At the moment, you can share a Playlist from all Projects on your site with any Client Users you've created. We've heard feedback that it would be useful to lock specific Client Users to certain Projects, that way, if they're not allowed access to a Project then a Playlist on that Project cannot be shared with those Client Users. This could work similar to the 'See Assigned Projects Only' permission where users need to be linked to a Project to have access to that Project's data.

If you'd like to see this supported in the future, please click 'Me too'.


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    Johnny Duguid

    This is an interesting idea...but it doesn't seem to be a high demand request. I'd be interested to know if whoever originally requested this finds the updated Recipient's field with the new Recently Shared With feature in Shotgun 6.3 sufficient for their needs.

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    Beth Dewhirst

    Interest is growing in this feature, I've just had 2 more studios request this.

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    Erwan Leroy


    I'm part of one of the 2 studios who requested that to Beth today.

    We just started using the client review sites a couple of months ago, and it turned out to be very popular with clients. We've added 21 client users in the last 2 weeks only. We have at least 6 active projects right now using client sites, each with a list of 4 to 8 people needing to receive the shared playlists.

    We're starting to feel like we're just waiting for the day somebody shares to John Smith instead of Jon Shmidt.

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    Shauna Lee

    I think this feature would be really helpful as well. Currently we are managing a rather large list of Client Users across multiple different projects. A few of the users would also need to linked to multiple projects and not be limited to just one. 

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