Restore Middle Mouse click to open link in new tab in Chrome

Its been broken for a while now, but middle mouse clicking on a link on the shotgun site in Google Chrome doesn't open the link in a new tab in shotgun. It seems to be working in Firefrox, and I didn't try in what ever Internet Explorer is installed on my computer. This is a standard feature on all three web browsers and is extremely annoying to have broken only on the shotgun website.

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    Mike Hendricks

    This is a issue in firefox as well.

    The Inbox, My Tasks, Media, etc links at the on the shotgun navbar do not support middle mouse clicking or even have the right click options for open link in new tab. This makes it much harder to open your inbox in a new tab so you don't loose your current place.

    Right clicking on a actual html link shows this menu, and if you middle mouse click a normal link it will automatically open the link in a new tab without the right click menu.
    These links don't support right clicking to open in a new tab, nor does middle mouse click work.
    I would like for these links to be made at least middle mouse clickable. Ideally all dynamic links should work like a normal html link.
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