Rename field header and reorder fields from Manage Columns

We've received feedback from clients that they'd like to use the Manage Columns window to reorder fields and rename the field header. At the moment, you need to manually reorder fields on a page by dragging and dropping the fields, which would be made easier by being able to drag and drop multiple fields from the Manage Columns area. Renaming a field Header is also a one-by-one process, by right-clicking on a field and going to Format > Rename Header.


Please add your support by clicking on 'Me too' if you'd like to see this extra functionality as part of Manage Columns.


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    Adam Harrison

    What I'd love to see is a 'freeze pane' option similar to Excel's...so when scrolling horizontally the thumbnail and link columns remain stationary. This doesn't already exist by any chance, does it?

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    It would be awesome if we could manage columns headers by project, i.e that a column could have a header X in a project and a header Y in another project. This would be very useful to manage different projects, where - in our cases - clients are not the same and we need that kind of versatility.


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