When creating a Note on multiple things (Shots/Assets/etc), add ability to set default option to create one or many Notes

Shotgun provides the ability to add a Note to many things at once. For instance, a person can select 4 Shots, and right-click to add a Note that they are all going on hold. When you do this, Shotgun asks whether you would like to create a single Note linked to all 4 Shots, or if you would rather create 4 individual Notes, each linked to one of the Shots.


Clients have requested the ability to set a default value for this 'one or many' choice. Many clients will generally choose the same option every time based on their workflow, so it can be annoying to have to switch that selector with every Note you create when you always want it one way or the other. This could be implemented as a preference in the new Note creation dialog, or in the Site Prefs.

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