Filter Panel Page filters in Screening Room

I'd like to be able to add Page filters to the filter panel in Screening Room (where currently there is the "Playable in Screening Room").

For example, I might want a filter with these criteria (let's call this animation dailies):

version > status (internal review)

version > type (dailies)

link task > pipeline step (anim)

I can do this in "my filters", but there is no way to share those, so every user would need to set these up individually.

Functionally, these filters may need to be specific to the Left Nav Section (eg Entity Type) which is active since different versions will link to different entity types or at least to keep the filter panel "clean" (eg. a minimum of "unrelated filters").


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    Ben Hadden

    Hey DJ,

    We just released a way to share "My Filters" today. Let me know if it helps you do what you're trying to do here!



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    Sachin Shrestha

    It would be useful to have an option to globally save a filter in the Screening Room app similar to the page filter options. Its a bit unwieldy to share filters with everyone on the show or to create version pages just for some global project filters.

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