Feedback on 'Work Schedules'

Hi Guys!

Pumped to see some cool features in 2.1. The super speedy gantt is really slick, I feel like im using a dedicated app and not a browser - so nice work all round! Loving the work schedules too, really great to see this core functionality incorporated in a tight, shotgun like way.

I had some thoughts on work schedules and figured I might bundle them into this one thread - apologies if doing it this way is wrong.


  • Would be great to customise the colour attached to exceptions (the vertical strip running through the page). The default grey conflicts visually with the existing colour used for weekends and having control over this would be awesome.
  • Small glitch when entering exceptions. If you batch enter more than one, the 'Description' is lost. You need to 'Save Changes' between each exception entry to ensure Description is locked in.
  • It seems as though the gantt is no longer displaying the current day (as a vertical strip). Tested on Windows FF/Chrome.
  • Gantt has lost the separating lines which helped define the page.



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    Lorenzo Pierfederici

    Custom colors for exceptions would be useful for us too, +1

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