Duration calculation

It would be great if a new Task Duration field calculation could interact dynamically with Status and Current Date to reflect the fact that duration should only include time that a task is of the status In Progress. It would be amazing if this could also be reflected in the gantt with different color schemas for In Progress and Not In Progress.


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    Hi Susan,

    So you'd essentially want an automatic sum of the time that the Task spent in progress? Would you want to summarize that in hours or days? And would you need to account for "working hours" (though not sure how we'd do that). I'm curious what you're trying to find out with this. If you're looking to find out the amount of time spent on a Task, could you use TimeLogs for this? Tell us more!

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    Susan Standen

    Hi Kevin,


    Yes an automatic sum of the time that the Task spent in progress, summarised into days. We would not need to account for working hours as such, even though we have the day set to 10 hrs right now. Time Logs have not been implemented company wide on our major project which is essentially too big for that level of granularity. The issue we have is artists working different days on different projects and the easiest way for us to capture that would be sum of time In Progress, as the statuses are very easy to manage.

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