Push out different My Pages by User type

We have encountered a few situations lately where we thought that having more user types in shotgun would have been useful (like there is for admin or artist at the moment). We thought it could allow us to customize even more the way the information is presented to the artists depending on the department they work in.
For instance, we set earlier this week the global default layouts for the My pages section and applied it to all users in the studio. I realized that modelers prefered grouping their tasks by asset types while it made more sense to group them by sequences for compositors. Another example would be that production managers and coordinators almost never use the  My review items and  the My versions pages since they  don't submit versions for dailies.
I'm sure defining more user types would be useful in other cases as well.
Is this the kind of feature that you would consider for a future release?
Thank you very much!

Anne-Valerie Tremblay
Production Manager


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    I think you're talking about two different things here, so let me try and clarify. 'Admin' and 'Artist' are default permission roles and only control the ability to see, create, update, and delete things. This is different from the 'Group' entity available in Shotgun which many studios use to collect their users into logical sets like 'Layout', 'Animation', 'Compositing'. So I think what you're after here is being able to push out different sets of default My Pages to different Groups? Definitely a good request.

    One thing that a lot of our clients do is to group up their Project pages into folders for each department which can then make it easy to configure different default pages for each department in the Template Project and then push them out to the Project(s). This way each department can live in their folder and have pages pre-configured to show the info formatted specifically for them.

    But I agree that this would be cool to do at the My Page level and we've added a ticket for this. 


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    Anne-Valerie Tremblay

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for the follow up!  The idea you suggested sounds like a good one! I'll see how I can apply it to our own projects.



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