Sorting by summaries when grouping?

Do you ever wanted to sort the gropus by some field summary?

I do.

I don't know how SG folks would add this option because this sorting has to act only when grouping, but this is something I've wanted more than twice. This can act as a first sorting level, and then the actual one, so inside the groups you can sort things by any other field as usual.

What do you think?

Cheers, Doc.

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    Don Parker

    I've wanted to do that too.  The only thing that makes this tricky is performance.  The group summaries calculate after the page loads to keep the initial page load faster, then we only calculate summaries for the groups you see on the page.  But... if you were sorting by a summary, we'd have to first calculate summaries for all groups, and then sort the results before beginning to render the page.  That could be slow!  Especially if you have thousands (or millions) of records. But that doesn't mean it's impossible (nothing is impossible!).

    We'll just have to think about it some more and likely test out some approaches.  I'm making a ticket for this so we can discuss in our next planning meeting.

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