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Would be great if there was a way in a Task Template to specify fields that should inherit the value of a similar field on the parent entity it the template is assigned to.  For instance, we have a Scene link field on Tasks that we would like to always have the same value as the Scene link field on its parent Shot.  (Necessary to allow viewing of Scene-based columns on Task grid pages.)  Could also be useful for Due Dates, or if you want the Task Type to mirror the Shot Type of the parent.

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    Tony Aiello

    Old thread!  Commenting anyway... I'd like to see this concept work for *durations*.  Two use-cases:

    1.  complexity.  let's say you have the same 5 Tasks to get created for a particular entity type, so you make just one TaskTemplate.  For Entity 1 of that type, you set a Complexity value to 1; for Entity 2 of that type, you set Complexity to 3.  It would be very cool when you apply the TaskTemplate to Entity-complexity-3 if all the Durations of the Tasks created were multiplied by 3.

    2.  similar multiplying-durations case -- for quantity.  let's say you have a TaskTemplate for machining a widget Asset, of 3 Template Tasks:  run in a Mazak, then vibratory-tumble them, then anodize them.  The Mazak can do 120 parts-a-day, the tumbler can do 320 per-day, anodizing is 60-per-day.  (Days are 8*60 = 480 minutes.)  So you set the Duration of the Mazak Template Task to 1/120 day (4 minutes per part), the Tumble Task to 1/320 (1.5 minutes per-part), and the Anodize Task to 1/60 (8 minutes).  Now, you get an order for 360 of these widgets.  Rather than create 360 Assets, you just create one, and you set an `sg_order_quantity` value to 360 on that particular widget Asset.  It would be amazing to then just apply that TaskTemplate and have it multiply the Quantity value with the Template Durations and thus create 3 "real" Tasks: a Mazak Task lasting 360*(1/120) = 3 days, followed by a Tumble Task lasting 360*(1/320) = 1.125 days, followed by an Anodize Task lasting 360*(1/60) = 6 days.

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