Studio Level (Global) tasks (and hour accurate tasks)

We currently use a google calendar to handle all of our studio wide events and tasks.


Wrap party dates.
Renderfarm Upgrades
Artist Vacations
Prospective Client Meetings

My solution for this was to create a project called "internal" and assign tasks to that but it's a little awkward and could be improved on by a global project of sorts.

When/If you add dependencies then producers could enter in scheduled vacation days and have those show up on any task the artist is assigned to automatically as a conflict.

Also with dependencies you could automatically black out or alert to conflicts between render farm scheduled down time and project deadlines.   If the farm needs to go down for 2 hours but a project is due at 3pm and would fall behind schedule it would raise a conflict.

Even without dependencies this would be helpful.  

One thing that is a big hinderance right now though is the lack of hour specific tasks.   We sometimes have projects which have to be delivered at noon but milestones as days don't tell the whole story.  It also puts a wrench in using milestones on a "internal projects" project as a scheduling tool.


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    Joe Frayne

    We, too, see a need for a simple way to handle holidays and other department-wide down-time. It seems to me Shotgun should handle these the same way it handles weekends -- these other days are just like "extra" weekend days that are explicitly defined.

    For example, when I add a day to the "duration" of a task that previously had an "end date" on a Friday, Shotgun automatically changes the end date to the next Monday, because it understand weekends. If Shotgun also knows that Monday is Labor Day, however, then it should change the end date to the day after, Tuesday.

    But such a feature should be different than weekends, in the way that it is configured. Weekends are configured through the site preferences, but holidays and farm upgrades and vacations may or may not apply to entire studio. You should be able to apply it to groups or individuals. This would necessitate the logic for auto-updating start dates, end dates, and durations, to also take into account the "assigned to" and their extra days-off.

    What do you think?

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