flagging 'issues'

this is a kind of half question/half feature request (dependant on the answer :)

one thing that slightly suprised me was that theres no 'flagging' of obvious issues within shotgun - by issues I mean stuff like:

  • logged time has exceeded bid time
  • task status information still open or in progress (or similar) beyond end date
  • etc

and by flagging I mean some kind of warning icon against that task or turning them red or something (these would also be filtered up to the linked entity much as task status summaries are now) - ie more than just the ability to filter data by a query that would match the above criteria (which I know we can do)

apologies if I am missing something or this has been suggested previously

an adjunct to this:

one status option I feel I am missing from the current list is something like "issue" which would have a red exclamation mark or something as an icon


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    Stu Aitken

    after viewing some more videos I can see its prettye asy to setup a custom tab on the dashboard to do some of the above which is almost as good :)

    however there doesn't seem to be a way to do a comparative query between two fields of the same data type - eg: time logged is more than bid

    so I guess the feature request would be that :)


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    Don Parker

    Hi Stu, you are right we need to add options for "flagging" things like this.  We have been thinking about implementing this with a "conditional formatting" tool that lets you define how things look in Shotgun based on a query.  Then you will have a lot of control over what you consider flag worthy.  I think we may want to add in notification hooks too so you can count on emails going out for specific cases.  It's on our list!

    As for the "issue" status, we can make that one for you.  Currently there is no UI for making your own statuses, but that is darn near top of our feature list and will be included in one of our next releases.  In the meantime we can do this for you as part of support.  I'll start a support ticket about this so we get you sorted.

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    Stu Aitken

    Thanks Don

    just on the comparative query issue (ie filter based on a direct comparison between two fields in the entity rather than one field and some other criteria) - is that something you guys would add as well? is there another way to do this that I can't see for some reason?


    the conditional formatting stuff would be excellent - I agree that this is probably the best route to 'flag' stuff :)

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    Susan Standen

    Conditional formatting will be much appreciated... in the meantime, is it possible to request a specific workaround of "If duration (or time logged) exceeds bid duration, set font of task to Red" for example.

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