shotgun desktop: the function of writing a note to the selected rig

In the course of working on our projects, we often come across the fact that feedback from animators and layout artists to riggers comes through Skype and spoken speech, and not through notes in a shotgun. Needless to say, such messages through Skype are easily lost, skipped (Especially - through oral speech ), and to find them if necessary is much more complicated than in the shotgun.

We came up with the next solution to this problem: to make it easier to write notes to rigs than to write messages into skype.

This can be implemented by adding in the shotgun desktop the function of writing a note to the selected rig.This can happen for example: the user selects the control of the rig of interest in the viewport, presses the right mouse button and selects the Create Note item from the appeared menu. As a result, a window appears where you can write note text, attach an image, and specify the CC. By default, the note is assigned to rig activity and to the author of the rig, in CC the lead rigger is indicated.

It will be useful to add the ability to write notes not only to an opened Asset or shot, but to any Asset that it contains, through the shotgun panel.


Thank you in advance!


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