Recursive folder drag-and-drop for Frame-based media.

VFX industry standard for shipping shot-versions (takes) as DPX or EXR or TIFF frame-based file sequences is TWO LEVELS:

<shot name folder> / <resolution> / <frame file sequence>

This has been the standard for more than a decade, yet while RV can interpret the file sequence as a single shot, it cannot import by dragging in from the <shot name folder> level. It can only do it from the <resolution> level folder, which is tedious when you have more than one shot to watch.

Scratch can do this import without blinking an eye... since 2006.

Users should be able to specify how many levels they want RV to search for frame sequences, but really it should be able to figure this out automatically if you import a folder without any setting changes.

Please add this functionality on the drag-and-drop import (and all other import pathways) of RV.



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