Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Sub-Tasks/To Do Lists Astrid Scholte 26 条评论 90 未计划
Simple field validation Rob Blau 59 条评论 78
Calculated Fields Don Parker 48 条评论 70 已完成
UI for Managing Tags Tommy 23 条评论 66 已完成
See a list of all the things I'm following Mason 24 条评论 65
Summary Email Formatting Astrid Scholte 29 条评论 60
Customize the new Project Overview Astrid Scholte 37 条评论 60
Action Menu Item enhancement : Support for in page pop-ups Patrick Wolf 19 条评论 54 已完成
Event-driven trigger framework in the UI (i.e. have one status change trigger another) Tommy 7 条评论 52 未计划
Ability to sort, group, and/or filter on Query fields Stephen Chiu 20 条评论 52
Change or add additional Fields to Quick Filter keywords Mason 16 条评论 50
Darker color scheme for Shotgun UI Tommy 4 条评论 48 已计划
Direct URL to a View on a Page Brandon Foster 10 条评论 44 已完成
Custom Pages for Project Navigation Brandon Foster 23 条评论 43 已完成
Tickets as part of Inbox notifications Dení C. Gloria 11 条评论 42
Reply to Notes in the Client Site so that Clients could see them Matt Welker 25 条评论 41 已完成
Conditional Permissions Editor in the UI Tommy 9 条评论 37
Auto-play option for Client Review site Tommy 16 条评论 37
Pref to control the display name cache of entities Brandon Foster 8 条评论 36
Custom Icons for Custom Entities Pliny (John Eremic) 23 条评论 36
Option to configure the Thumbnail field to be a query field of a linked Entity Astrid Scholte 29 条评论 34 已完成
Configure / format information displayed on inbox email notifications Andrew Lawrence 13 条评论 30
Better implementation of markup language in text editor Patrick Wolf 12 条评论 29 已完成
Conditional formatting based on the comparison of two values Astrid Scholte 3 条评论 28
Filter by comparing columns Andy Geers 13 条评论 28
Enable filmstrip thumbnails and play icon for linked fields (bubbled fields) Tommy 3 条评论 27 已完成
Ability to make custom Query / Summary fields that behave like Open Notes (display list of results) Tommy 7 条评论 27
Ability to set the default Subject for Notes Astrid Scholte 16 条评论 27
Customizable Per-Person Homepages Jacob Medendorp 5 条评论 27 已完成
Preserve Annotations in Screening Room Timeline and Client Review Site Brandon Foster 3 条评论 26