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Per Project Notification Settings Brandon Foster 3 条评论 8
Preserve Annotations in Screening Room Timeline and Client Review Site Brandon Foster 3 条评论 26
Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop images into Notes Matt Welker 3 条评论 12
Filtering Phases in the Project Timeline App + Gantt Armando Ricalde 3 条评论 8
Crew Planning Person Durations Brandon Foster 3 条评论 7
Drop down list for link fields to small entities Patrick Wolf 3 条评论 17 已完成
Hide Screening Room Player Controls for Still Images Brandon Foster 3 条评论 3 已完成
Batch / bulk / multi-edit in Crew Planning Tommy 3 条评论 2 已完成
Blocking warning that requires user confirmation before pushing or reverting project configuration Ben Hadden 3 条评论 3 已完成
auto-follow option Andy Cochrane 3 条评论 11
Conditional formatting based on the comparison of two values Astrid Scholte 3 条评论 34
Crew Planning - ability to scroll horizontally Mason 3 条评论 20
Detail Pages: Ability to reorder Overview and Info tabs (unlock first two tabs) Tommy 3 条评论 6
Make Filter Panel dockable in detail page tabs, and save docked state with page layout (rather than as a per-user pref) Tommy 3 条评论 5
User preferences for Projects Menu Astrid Scholte 3 条评论 7
Official Support for Internet Explorer Matt Welker 3 条评论 3
Free screening room for clients Robert Grbevski 3 条评论 0 已完成
Crew Planning Improvements Andrew Fallon 3 条评论 4
Basic playback options Bonsak Schieldrop 3 条评论 0
Ability to specify a name for export to excel files Tom Stratton 3 条评论 1
Advanced Grouping Options: Default Open/Closed Setting for Each Group Kimberly LeBrane 3 条评论 2
Links in modal windows Raul Catalina 3 条评论 0
Groups and Filters on Home:My Tasks Gavin Greenwalt 3 条评论 0
fields - ability to view on a per-project basis clinton downs 3 条评论 1 已完成
Gantt Chart support for Tickets? Tommy Kiser 3 条评论 7
Left Nav project display Sam Bourne 3 条评论 0
UI indication of entity field vs. text field Joe Frayne 3 条评论 0
gannt views in sub tabs Stu Aitken 3 条评论 0
Multiple links in Event Log Summary Chad Dombrova 3 条评论 0
Auto-resize column widths Joe Frayne 3 条评论 1