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[DONE 1.13] Make weekends more obvious in the Gantt Chart Andy Geers 5 条评论 0 已完成
[DONE 1.12] Conditional Formatting Andy Geers 5 条评论 0 已完成
Multiple levels of Grouping - Advanced Grouping? Tommy Kiser 5 条评论 0 已完成
Display of reverse entity link lookups Rob Blau 5 条评论 4
Default user page to something other than My Notes Kevin Cureton 5 条评论 0 已完成
Linking users to specific layouts of a page Noel Lindell 4 条评论 2
Client Review - Sync feature Loïc Poës 4 条评论 7
Sg7.0 EDL cut tool Rv to support BL(black slug) entries Andreas Jablonka 4 条评论 3
Summary email for Client Review Site Astrid Scholte 4 条评论 4
Select sort options for open notes fields Andrew Lawrence 4 条评论 11
Admins able to login as different user without changing their password Scott Ballard 4 条评论 9 已完成
Tooltips on column headers Christophe Archambault 4 条评论 8
Allow Related Entity Fields In The Subject of Email Layout under Site Prefs Tram Le-Jones 4 条评论 5
Restrict Client Users by Project Astrid Scholte 4 条评论 9 未计划
Latest checkbox on other Entities Astrid Scholte 4 条评论 14
Task Summary Configuration Options Brandon Foster 4 条评论 9
Add filter by exact date to date fields Scott Ballard 4 条评论 4
Project Specific List Fields Alex Meddick 4 条评论 11 已计划
More Currency Display Options Brandon Foster 4 条评论 8
Groups in Client Review Lawren Bancroft-Wilson 4 条评论 14 已完成
Allow configuration of displayed fields in the Client Review Site Mason 4 条评论 13 未计划
support for AUDIO files ? Alexey Borzykh 4 条评论 14
Batch download all the quicktimes from a playlist James Cunningham 4 条评论 8
Add concept of 'Roles' to Shotgun and integrate into per-project permissions, media access, scheduling, etc. Tommy 4 条评论 16
Client Review Site - Communicate with Already Invited Clients Brandon Foster 4 条评论 4 已完成
Task Details for Notes in Activity Stream Brandon Foster 4 条评论 9
Last Logged In User Data Brandon Foster 4 条评论 5
Better support for resource balancing / leveling - scheduling based on people's availability Tommy 4 条评论 6
Open a Version into the Overlay Player with a URL link Astrid Scholte 4 条评论 6 已完成
Turn Client Notes into Notes visible to all permission groups Astrid Scholte 4 条评论 18 未计划