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support for AUDIO files ? Alexey Borzykh 4 条评论 14
Support for managing Workday Rule Exceptions per Location Mason 5 条评论 14
Enable filmstrip thumbnails and Screening Room play icon for Query fields Astrid Scholte 5 条评论 14 已完成
Default Value for List Field Matt Welker 12 条评论 14 已完成
Project-Specific Permissions Andy Geers 5 条评论 14
Transcoder output bandwidth/quality options Joseph Yu 9 条评论 13
Time Log Timer Brandon Foster 3 条评论 13
Allow configuration of displayed fields in the Client Review Site Mason 4 条评论 13 未计划
Client Review Site invitation email formatting Astrid Scholte 7 条评论 13 未计划
Support for holidays in Crew Planning Tommy 5 条评论 13
Suggestions for the iPhone ap? Don Parker 28 条评论 13
Multiple "New Entity" form configurations Andy Geers 10 条评论 13 已回答
More color options in production insights charts and graphs Tommy 0 条评论 12
See All Entities linked to a Tag Brandon Foster 0 条评论 12
Copy/Paste Multi-Entity Michael Kessler 2 条评论 12
Field layout customization for the Media App Brandon Foster 2 条评论 12
Playback of multiple clips on the client review site Meg Walls 10 条评论 12 未计划
Crew Planning linked to Tasks Louise Hastings 3 条评论 12
Export/Import page layouts Matt Welker 2 条评论 12
Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop images into Notes Matt Welker 3 条评论 12
Booking improvements Brendan Abel 6 条评论 12
Artists work in dark places Raul Arellano 1 条评论 11 已完成
Move and copy page tabs Paul Mackinnon 2 条评论 11
Select sort options for open notes fields Andrew Lawrence 4 条评论 11
Playback media from local web server with Shotgun Overlay Player Patrick Wolf 2 条评论 11
Want an Excel sheet which updates its data automatically from Shotgun? Patrick Wolf 0 条评论 11
Interactive Gantt Drawing Brandon Foster 0 条评论 11
Project Specific List Fields Alex Meddick 4 条评论 11 已计划
New 'Summary' page type, to quickly load aggregated summary data for a large numbers of records Tommy 1 条评论 11
Task Dependency Options Brandon Foster 2 条评论 11 已完成