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Crew Planning - Extra info in the crew column Brandon Foster 0 条评论 5
Review Note Draft UI Brandon Foster 0 条评论 2
Display Entity status in Screening Room Column Browser Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 0
Toggle SG and project navigation bar visibility Sylvain 0 条评论 1
Way to refresh path / image data in Screening Room for RV without restarting RV (Path to Frames, Path to Movie, etc.) Tommy 0 条评论 3
My Playlist Filters in media app Mason 0 条评论 1
Quicktime Encode Options for Screening Room Submit via RV andy fedak 0 条评论 1
Site-Wide configurable Screening Room Filters Johannes Hezer 0 条评论 3
Department sort order in Crew Planning App Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 2
Edit all Entities Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 1
Auto-fill Name field when creating new Published File via UI Tommy 0 条评论 2
Separators in List fields Tommy 0 条评论 2
When creating a Note on multiple things (Shots/Assets/etc), add ability to set default option to create one or many Notes Tommy 0 条评论 1
Way to batch revert multiple Projects to the Global Default (possibly via API?) Tommy 0 条评论 0
Page saved filters menu Alexey Borzykh 0 条评论 1
Read-only view of Filters and Display on Graph Widgets as a tooltip Matt Welker 0 条评论 1
Make 'Revert to Default' sorting/filtering option on My Tasks page available for all users (not just those with permission to save defaults) Tommy 0 条评论 1
Apply filters on grouping Jeremy Clement 0 条评论 0
Shotgun in RV - Jump to Seq and Scn detail pages Jacob Medendorp 0 条评论 1
Ability to customize how statuses are summarized Tommy 0 条评论 0
Clickable multi-entity File field that opens content Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 4
Update a Version's viewed/unviewed status when you 'Play in RV' or 'Compare in RV' Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 1
Current Time macro for Date/Time Field Filter DJ Hauck 0 条评论 0
Advanced filtering with support for last quarter Patrick Wolf 0 条评论 1
View clips in Screening Room as a list vs. thumbnails. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 1
Multiple entities represented in thumbnail view. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 0
Formulas in tables Paul Mackinnon 0 条评论 2
notes via email and annotations clinton downs 0 条评论 0
Universal linking rules for interface and API updates. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 1
Add Level as an official entity Ben Hadden 0 条评论 1 已完成