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Custom pages should save into a folder by default Tommy 0 条评论 3
Full-screen button to hide nav bars Tommy 0 条评论 0
Date Created problem on tickets Jeff Pitre 0 条评论 0
Save People in the Template Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 0
Statistical page view analysis Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 1
Color bars and other test patterns Rob Aitchison 0 条评论 0
Load default review notes layout per project Andrew Lawrence 0 条评论 6
Add more details to notifications Kurt Hartman 0 条评论 1
iPhone app login times out to quickly Kurt Hartman 0 条评论 0
Taking photos and movies directly into shotgun app for annotations. Sam Richards 0 条评论 0
Shotgun doesn't show frame number when magnifying annotations in notes Abhijeet Nawsagare 0 条评论 2
Gravatar Option for People Image Thumbnail Robbie Grigg 0 条评论 2
Watermarking images Katharina Koepke 0 条评论 0
Disable notification emails for tasks while scheduling David Mason 0 条评论 3
Like Button Tom Johnson 0 条评论 1
Support video annotations in Screening Room Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 6
Set who receives notifications on Import Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 3
Email notification summary (weekly, daily, hourly etc) Andrew Lawrence 0 条评论 10
Improve the graph widget to handle negative values Mark Visser 0 条评论 1
Resizable Filter Panel Brandon Foster 0 条评论 5
Interactive Gantt Drawing Brandon Foster 0 条评论 11
Option for Field description in the Project Tracking Settings Kym Watts 0 条评论 0
Screening Room Web Player - way to adjust in/out frame on Versions Tommy 0 条评论 3
Ability to set transcoding priority Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 0
Restrict attachments by file type Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 1
Notes to yourself Hkok 0 条评论 0
Include an "Add new" option in list fields, and a permission for who can see/use it Tommy 0 条评论 0
The ability to create custom notification banners like the ones Shotgun sometimes activate on the site Andrew Bunday 0 条评论 4
More detail in Crew Planning Anne Akande 0 条评论 0
Pref to deactivate hyperlink on entities shown in link fields Tommy 0 条评论 1