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File Manager Functions Julia S. Bacak 0 条评论 0
Reset custom entities to default settings Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 3
Want an Excel sheet which updates its data automatically from Shotgun? Patrick Wolf 0 条评论 11
2 more keyboard shortcuts needed to QUICKLY create new entity Patrick Wolf 0 条评论 8
Screening Room for RV - 'Isolate Version and Neighbors' Extend Neighbor Range Craig Newman 0 条评论 2
Global overview of all projects ( not only one project) Theophile Dhuicque 0 条评论 0
Deep linking into iOS app when using mobile device Kurt Hartman 0 条评论 2
Project Timeline App - More Mark Up Features Meza Hsu 0 条评论 3
Project Timeline App - Add Baseline Feature Meza Hsu 0 条评论 1
Support for Audio while viewing Frames in RV Jean-Paul LeDoux 0 条评论 2
Adding Options and Queries to "Advanced Grouping" in "Group" Hughes, Nick 0 条评论 0
Crew Planning: Way to filter what bars (Bookings) are displayed within each Person's row Tommy 0 条评论 0
Drag/drop from RV Screening room to RV Hristo Velev 0 条评论 1
Filtering option in Advanced grouping Yoshiyuki Watanabe 0 条评论 0
Export project templates across multiple Shotgun sites Andrew Lawrence 0 条评论 5
Notes view, needs linked fields/version Hristo Velev 0 条评论 0
Add 'compare to current' to the right click menu in screening room for RV Hristo Velev 0 条评论 0
News feed homepage all project Shotgun Theophile Dhuicque 0 条评论 0
Task and Version status in Review Notes App summary Christopher Crocetti 0 条评论 1
Update Activity Stream if Link is Updated After Creation Brandon Foster 0 条评论 7
Copy Paste Color Rules Stephen Lu 0 条评论 2
web player enhancement - click+drag similar to RV Alexey Borzykh 0 条评论 1
Add Project to Project navigation Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 2
Hierarchy Filters Ellenk 0 条评论 1
Project Actions permission Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 2
Update Crew Planning with Man Days Anne Akande 0 条评论 1
Either add support for custom detail-like pages, or allow a widget to fill available space and have tabs Hugh Macdonald 0 条评论 3
Cell formatting rules global by project only Sarah Cortina 0 条评论 6
Starred folders for Pages Sarah Cortina 0 条评论 3
Bid and Automatically Calculating Over/Under Fields on Tickets Brandon Foster 0 条评论 3